A Touch of Amish

130 Applebee Street | Barrington, Illinois 60010 | (847) 381-0900

Welcome to A TOUCH OF AMISH online. 

While our website cannot begin to convey the lovely feeling that you have when actually in the shop, we will attempt to give you “the flavor.”  The shop began in March of 1986 so this is the beginning of our 30th year.  I am very proud of that and the industry has certainly changed so much in that time!  Did you know that the rotary cutter was first introduced by Olfa in 1979?  It was first used in the garment industry but quilters quickly picked it up.  Machine quilting was not really recognized as QUILTING at first and now look at the computerized long arms.  We recently started selling Accuquilt cutters which takes cutting accuracy and speed of cutting to a new level.  We have "come a long way, baby!"

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Fabrics have gone from little calicos and 1930’s reproductions to the lovely soft hand of today’s modern graphics that many young quilters like.  We still love the 30’s, the Civil War fabrics but offer the “punch” of spunk and color as well.  Our love of colors hasn’t changed but our favorite colors have.  It continues to be fun and inspiring.  I love to learn new techniques and challenge myself but it really comes down to loving the relaxing rhythm of my sewing machine.  That won’t change.

Our calendar can be found on this website and hopefully enough information to guide you into the shop for some of our great demonstrations and classes.  The shop is staffed with the most wonderful group of employees who are enthusiastic about quilting, color and just plain fun.  It will make your visit here the best experience!

The staff is made up of dedicated quilters who enjoy the art.  Therefore the shop displays are beautiful and the quilts made my many.  We have a variety with new quilts added regularly.  Our goal is to “freshen” and change up the quilts often.  We offer something for everyone, be they a novice or an accomplished, experienced quilt.  You are in for a treat to the variety of fabric choices, the latest notions, threads and battings.

We are a TOP SHOP!  A Touch of Amish was proud to have been featured as one of ten outstanding quilt shops in the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of the Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler. 

Happy Quilting!